There are many benefits to socializing young puppies to the environment around them. GROUP CLASSES help pups gain confidence while being introduced to new and novel things. 180dog is one of the few dog training companies that teach OFF LEASH Puppy Class in Palm Beach County! 

*OFFERING 50% OFF to new puppy parents who have adopted from Animal Care and Control in West Palm Beach 

Puppies romp and play with one another off leash in a structured, safe and controlled environment. They are introduced to 'strange' sounds, objects, surfaces, people, and of course, OTHER PUPPIES, gently and without being overwhelmed. The first 5 months of a puppy's life is a critical window of opportunity for puppy parents to take advantage of these kindergarten level introductory group lessons.  Undersocialized puppies tend to develop behavior problems later on in life.

 Read what veterinary behaviorists say about the importance of proper early puppy socialization. CLICK HERE

two puppies saying hello


8-20 weeks of age, kindergarten level

  • Young pups are introduced to other puppies, people, agility with objects and surfaces, play & romp off leash in a safe, supervised enclosed area.
  • Purpose of this class is SOCIALIZATION.
  • Kindergarten level obedience covers sit, come, walk on leash, focus, no jump.
  • Puppy parents learn about house training, crating, mouthing, body handling, chew toys and the fundamentals of reinforcement training.

  • 6 week class 
  • Sunday's 10-11 am
  • Location 1: Furs and Feathers Resort 1016 Clearwater Pl West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Location 2: Colonial Gateway Veterinary Center, Boynton Beach (Will Resume Classes in the Fall, details to follow)

COST: $130.00 

To register, email Gari at

puppies play fighting


(prereq: Bright Puppy I or prior obedience training)

5 -9 months of age, intermediate level
A continuation of BRIGHT PUPPY I, we will advance you and your puppies in obedience skills adding small distractions. Puppies will have the opportunity to play off leash. Reinforcement training continued.

Pups will continue to learn & improve upon:

  • Walk on a loose leash (no pulling)
  • Focus and calm
  • Leave It, Drop It, Take It
  • Sit and Release
  • Come when called
  • No jumping
  • No biting

  • 6 week class 
  • TBA
  • Location 1: Furs and Feathers Resort 1016 Clearwater Pl West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Location 2: Colonial Gateway Veterinary Center, Boynton Beach (Will Resume Classes in the Fall, details to follow)

COST: $130.00   


6 week Advanced Training Class 
Gari Weinraub/180dog is AKC certified to train and test for the CGC certificate.

This is a 6 week class to help dog parents prepare for the 10 step CGC test or to advance puppies and adult dogs to the next level of obedience. 

The CGC test will be given at the end of the 6 week class.
($20.00 to test)

This is not a beginners level class. Pet parents and dogs should have an excellent foundation of obedience skills before signing up.

1ST class starts on Sunday, OCTOBER 1
Location: Furs and Feathers Resort, 1016 Clearwater Pl., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

To register and for more information, email Gari at

*Advanced training classes are available after graduating Bright Puppy I and II. These classes entail working with distractions, distance, gaining more self control, Canine Good Citizen, going on location, tricks and more. Ask 180dog when the next advanced class begins (must have at least 3 dogs signed up)!

"I have been working with Gari for one year and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her abilities. My veterinarian referred me to Gari when I inquired about assistance in training my new Golden Retriever puppy, Miller. I began working with Gari when Miller was two months old and I was amazed to see how quickly and how well he responded to Gari and her training methods.

I immediately began recommending Gari to all of my friends with dogs. Then I began recommending Gari to the various strangers that stopped me on my walks with Miller to ask me how I got my dog to behave so beautifully. That, I think, is the biggest compliment I can pay Gari."
- Linda and Miller, Florida