Private custom in-home training solutions are designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Veterinarians and Dog Day Care facilities recommend Gari and 180dog as one of the most reliable, professional, canine trainer/consultants in South Florida, Serving Palm Beach and North Broward Counties.

*If you’re dog is experiencing more serious behavior issues, such as growling, biting, aggression, lunging and barking while on leash, house destruction, fear and anxieties, please click here for Behavior Consulting.

The key to successful obedience training is learning what motivates your dog.

Basic Obedience training for adolescent-adult dogs

Basic Obedience training for adolescent-adult dogs

Examples of manners and obedience issues:
  • Leash walking calmly
  • Come when called 
  • Sit and stay awhile, OK you can get up now
  • Look & Focus – Pay Attention
  • Leave It, Take It, Get It, Drop It
  • Barking at the door
  • Digging
  • Jumping up on people and counters
  • Polite greetings with other dogs and people
  • Go to your Place
  • How to motivate your dog to WANT to listen to you through game playing
  • Graduate to ADVANCED obedience training with distractions and going on location when you and your dog are ready
  • Multiple sessions offered for optimum results.

Basic Obedience training is available in packages for optimum results. 

6 sessions: $650
Includes Email reports and follow ups with additional resources.

(Valid for 3 months after purchase)

One-time consultation: $185.00
One and a half hours conducted in the home. Detailed report via email.5

To register and for more information, email Gari at

Need help with one particular issue? NO PROBLEM! Short Track Training was designed for you.

Short Track focuses intensely on ONE obedience skill at a time, for instance Loose Leash Walking, No Jumping or Come When Called. 

  • 3 Sessions, 45 minutes each: $300.00*
    Valid for 2 months from time of booking
  • 4 Sessions, 45 minutes each: $400.00*
    Valid for 2 months from time of booking
  • 5 Sessions, 45 minutes each: $500.00*
    Valid for 2 months from time of booking
  • After 5 sessions, 45 minute Short Track training is $85.00/hr*

(*travel fee may apply)



Who’s leading whom?
Get better control of your exuberant dog on walks. 
(If you have a reactive dog who lunges and barks on leash, click here)


Can’t get your dog to come when called? This one’s for you. Learn how to motivate your dog to want to come to you. 


Does your dog bark at hearing the bell or knocking? Jumps on everyone when they come through the door? You can teach your dog to be calm in these situations!


Do you have a dog who gets overly excited and can’t seem to just chill in certain situations?
Learn how to teach your dog self control and remain calm. Using reinforcing impulse control techniques, your dog will learn to stay calm around some very distracting environments.

In Home Private One-On-One Training

To get started with your personalized lessons and be on your way to a better behaved dog, contact 180dog today!

“The level of professionalism, expertise and flexibility with scheduling appointments exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks you so much Gari for educating us that our little boy’s behavioral problems were due to an Anxiety Disorder. The training tools you taught us have helped us to help him. Now we all enjoy going to the beach and parks with confidence.” – Lisa and Rue, Royal Palm Beach